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Musical Diary Series, Vol. 1

Catalogue Number: H-0018
Title: Musical Diary Series, Vol. 1
Producer: Guido Hörster
Date of production: 1998
Date of recording: Dec 1998
Location of recording: Hörster's Studio
Performers: Guido Hörster
Tracks: 1. 981204, Part I 18:55
2. 981204, Part II 8:29
3. 981205, Part I 9:13
4. 981205, Part II 5:10
5. 981205, Part III 5:16
6. 981207 12:19

This is the first collection in a series of musical fragments emanating from my guitar or synthesizer during tests, rehearsals and other occasions. Some of these structures may be "repicked" in official future releases.

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