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Musical Diary Series, Vol. 2

Catalogue Number: H-0020
Title: Musical Diary Series, Vol. 2
Producer: Guido Hörster
Date of production: 1998
Date of recording: Dec 1998
Location of recording: Hörster's Studio
Performers: Guido Hörster
Tracks: 1. 981222, Part I (Stille Nacht I) 11:07
2. 981222, Part II 8:34
3. 981225, Part I (Stille Nacht II) 7:30
4. 981225, Part II (Stille Nacht III) 9:03
5. 981227 6:58
6. 981228, (Poren) (Stille Nacht IV) 6:27
7. 981229 8:07

This is collection no. 2 in a series of musical fragments emanating from my guitar or synthesizer during tests, rehearsals and other occasions. Most of them are not intended for public release but as you can see, some of them were elected for the official "Stille Nacht '98" - EP.

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