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Remixes / Alternative Versions

Catalogue Number: H-0037
Title: Remixes / Alternative Versions
Producer: Guido Hörster
Date of production: 1999
Date of recording: 1996 - 1999
Performers: Dorothea Bürger
Katharina Springer
Frank Springer
Peter Schmalkoke
Guido Hörster
Tracks: 1. 991107, Part I
(tripled sequencer remix)
2. 961027, Part III
(violinator remix)
3. 961027, Part V
(bouncing sequencer remix)
4. Schaben, Part I
(naive extended version)

Track 1 performed by Monoltih (DB, FS, KS, GH) is previously unreleased.

Tracks 2 & 3 performed by Monolith (DB, FS, PS, GH) appeared on the first edition of "961027" released autumn 1998 but were replaced on the remastered editon of summer 1999.

Track 4 performed by Monolyte (PS, GH) is the authentic version from which the guitar-less closing section was omitted on "990717" and is previously unreleased.

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