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Schlaf (Spiel ohne Regeln)

Catalogue Number: T-0007
Title: Schlaf (Spiel ohne Regeln)
Producer: Igor Todeshure
Date of production: summer 1999
Date of recording: 1989
Location of recording: MOD's Studio
Performers: Michael "MOD" Dietrich
Tracks: Chelsea
1. Eine Nacht
2. Morgens
3. Weg von hier
4. Pedanten 3:59
5. Eine Melodie entsteht 6:23
6. Largo - traurig 5:48
7. Widerspruch (fis-moll) 4:04

This recording was made from a mastertape mod recorded in II 88, using a Yamaha CP70 Grand Piano, an equalizer (some wires for shure) and a stereo (dolby) mastermachine using TDK's old SAC 90 material.
MOD, Linz 1989-02-28

Mistakes concerning tonal aspects or beat of some peaces are not in any way wanted but a result of my unability to do the job better today. All peaces are completely improvised and can not (not!) be replayed by me at any time.
MOD, 1989

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