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Silvester 1996/97 (Igor's psychotic headphone remix)

Catalogue Number: T-0009
Title: Silvester 1996/97 (Igor's psychotic headphone remix)
Producer: Igor Todeshure
Date of production: September 1999
Date of recording: 1997-01-01
Location of recording: Springer's Studio
Performers: Dorothea Bürger
Peter Schmalkoke
Frank Springer
Tracks: 1. Part I 22:55
2. Part II 5:43
3. Part III 19:20

This recording has been previously released as Springer's production S-0005. This month I "rediscovered" the original master tape. Not being part of the performers guild for reasons hardly to understand even for me now, creating this mix finally gave me the chance to develop some sort of personal relationship to this recording. (Igor, Sep 1999)

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