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Doro Peter Hörster Katharina Frank Further Contributors

The Members

Doro synthesizer, violin, vocals, acoustic guitar, Jew's harp
Peter synthesizer, recording supervision
Hörster guitar, synthesizer, devices, violinator, post recording production
Katharina violin, synthesizer, flute, acoustic guitar, cello, recorder
Frank synthesizer, electronic devices, voices, post recording production
Further Contributors

The Incarnations

Monolite: Dorothea Bürger and Guido Hörster
Monolyte: Peter Schmalkoke and Guido Hörster
Monolyth: Frank Springer and Guido Hörster
Phonolith: any subset of at least three performers of
Dorothea Bürger, Julia Bürger, Peter Schmalkoke,
Frank Springer, Katharina Springer, Guido Hörster
Monolith: former name of Phonolith until Nov 1999

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