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"Musical" Biography:

1961: born in Lübeck, Germany
1980: first encounters with the synthesizer at the workshop "Electronic Music" at the
Trave Gymnasium in Lübeck together with Werner Buchin under Dr. Friedrich "Fritz" Wedell
since 1983: member of the "Neue Akademie Braunschweig (nab)", founded by Prof. Dr. Dieter Salbert
1983: Forming the project "Contrived Fragments Prod. (CFP)" together with
Michael Weyrauch, Erich Karlauf and Peter Schmalkoke
1984: Forming the project "Derr Zrbutorr" together with Michael Weyrauch
1985-03-02: "Derr Zrbutorr" performed at "Treibsand" in Lübeck (live recorded CD, photo)
1985-06-10: "Derr Zrbutorr" performed at the 4th Synthesizer Music Festival in Braunschweig, organised by the nab
1986 - 1987: no musical activities
1988: met my wife Katharina, who inspired me to new musical activities
since 1988: regular musical sessions at New Year's Eve as well as occasional improvisations
with Katharina, Doro, Peter, Jobst Großmann, Daniel Salbert and others.
1996: first musical encounter with Guido Hörster
1997-07-13: musical assistance with the performance of "E.2 oder Wie Eurydike in die Unterwelt kam" by Julia Kleiner
1998: co-founded the "Monolith Sound Productions"
since 1998: project "Phonolith/Monolith" together with Katharina, Doro, Peter and Guido

My Equipment:

Frank's equipment rack rack2 modular
(click on image to enlarge and for further information)
  1. Moog Prodigy (slightly modified)
  2. in/out box for my Moog (self-built)
  3. analogue 8-step sequencer (self-built)
  4. waveform generator (self-built)
  5. ring modulator (self-built)
  6. random and noise generator (self-built)
  7. VCL2FO (voltage controlled low double frequency oscillator) (self-built)
  8. Overtonium (self-built)
  9. analogue ccd delay (self-built)
  10. ELV EG 1000 delta mod delay (considerably modified)
  11. Morley volume pedal
  12. AKG D 44 S microphone
  13. Ibanez RM-80 mixer (slightly modified)
  14. monitor headphone amp (self-built)
  15. AKG K141 Monitor headphone
  16. Neutrik NYS-SPP-L patchbay
  17. Ibanez DE7 delay/echo
  18. LC-Electronic ccd delay
  19. modular synthesizer (self-built)
  • no preset or stored sounds
  • no digital sound devices
  • no MIDI

For further information on the Moog Prodigy, please see the Synth Museum.

Send me an e-mail:  f.springer@t-online.de          

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