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Catalogue Number: H-0042
Title: "Unity"
Producer: Guido Hörster
Date of production: 2000-10-03 / 2001-05-11
Date of recording: 2000-10-03
Location of recording: Hörster's Studio
Performers: Peter Schmalkoke
Guido Hörster
Tracks: 1. 001003, Part I 26:19
2. 001003, Part II [swap the gear] 21:20
Producer's Note:
It is my opinion that not everything that was recorded during a session must make it to the final mix.
Less is sometimes more when that what lacks quality is omitted. In this case Hörster's performance on
the Yamaha CS40M on Part II was so poor, that this piece nearly turns out to be a solo performance
by Peter on guitar.

Peter also got a copy of the rough tracks and will eventually create his own mix of this recording.

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