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Return Of The Torso

Catalogue Number: H-0044
Title: Return Of The Torso
Producer: Guido Hörster
Date of production: 2001-02-24 / 2001-06-04
Date of recording: 2001-02-24
Location of recording: Hörster's Studio
Performers: Dorothea Bürger
Frank Springer
Guido Hörster
Tracks: 1. 010224, Part I 25:05
2. 010224, Part II 44:10
4. 010224, Part IV 9:34
Part III did not make it to the official release due to a recording malfunction. Less than
four minutes from the beginning has been rescued of that what originally had a length
of over 20 minutes. Part V was omitted because it is more some sort of "technical study".

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