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"Musical" Biography:

   1965-09-03: born in Karlsruhe, Germany
1976-1980: classical guitar studies (teacher: Helgard Paepke-Deckert)
1982-1983: early encounters with tape echo machines ("Early Tapes")
1984-1987: first phase of solo recordings using digital delays ("Hö2" - "Another Liveloop")
1985-1986: project "McMatthew & Hörster" with keyboarder/guitarist Thomas "Murphy McMatthew" Mattheus
1985-1986: project "McMatthew, Hörster & MOD" with additional member Michael "MOD" Dietrich
1988-1995: no documented musical activities ("Dornröschenschlaf")
1996: first phase of recordings with Doro, Frank & Peter
1997: no documented musical activities
1998: implementation of 8-track harddisc recording unit using standard PC sound hardware
1998: remastering of all vintage recordings since 1982
1998: co-founder of "Monolith Sound Productions", a non-profit organisation to make our music known to the public
since 1998: reactivated solo recordings
since 1998: reactivated projects with Doro, Frank, Katharina, Peter & others as Monolith/Phonolith etc.
since 1998: record producer for solo works of Doro, Murphy McMatthew, MOD & others

"Musical" Goals:

My Equipment:

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